The Keewaydin Way

KEEWAYDIN (kē wā dĭn) [Algonquin] - Northwest wind, considered a bearer of good fortune and fair weather.

To live for a summer in a world largely unstructured and shaped only by nature itself... this is an adventure few are privileged to know. Some find it on the open seas, some on the mountainside. Keewaydin offers the spectacular woods of Green and White Mountains of New England, the secluded waterways of the Adirondacks, and the unspoiled grandeur of the Canadian North as the backdrop for building strong, independent character while exposing young men and women to a bygone lifestyle. Since 1893, Keewaydin has withstood the temptation of change, holding firm to what is dear of the past and leaving it untouched. Keewaydin's simplicity and special link to the undisturbed wilderness set our programs apart from traditional camp experiences. This is the Keewaydin Way.

The Keewaydin Foundation owns and operates 3 summer camps: Keewaydin Temagami located on Lake Temagami, Ontario (established 1893), Keewaydin Dunmore (established 1910) and Songadeewin of Keewaydin (established 1999), both located on Lake Dunmore in Salisbury, Vermont. Adjacent to Keewaydin Temagami, the Foundation operates Ojibway Family Lodge (established 1923) during the summer season. In addition, the Keewaydin Environmental Education Center (KEEC) operates during the school year on the Songadeewin campus in Vermont.