Keewaydin Environmental Education Center


The Keewaydin Environmental Education Center (KEEC) offers hands-on, experiential learning in a variety of natural habitats. Our educational values are rooted in the concept of community and we strive to empower students with a better understanding of how their personal daily decisions can affect the environment. Drawing from the natural world in which we live and study, we incorporate history, science, math, language arts, geology, and physical education into a series of investigations that integrate with the school curricula. 

If you would like to schedule a trip or have any questions please contact Tim Tadlock, Director of KEEC at [email protected].


 Why Leave Your School Building for an Education?
This is an important question that we are often asked.

  • To provide students with different styles of teaching and learning that appeal to multiple intelligences.
  • To allow teachers the opportunity to observe their students learning and  thriving in ways not always apparent in the classroom.
  • To enhance group dynamics within a class.
  • To provide an experience that broadens students' perspectives.
  • To provide an outdoor experience with hands-on activities while exploring the Earth's cycles
  • To help build a relationship with the natural world without modern distractions.
  • Still Not Convinced? Click here for an informative article by David Sobel



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