Instructors teach and work with small groups of middle school students in residential programs focusing on human and non-human communities. Responsibilities include leading field investigations and evening programs in natural science, local history, human impact, and land-use. Staff eat with the students in the dining hall, help them with jobs and spend every other week with them in the cabins.

We work a five day week, Monday through Friday, with some time off each day and a couple of meals off each week. Staff live in simple, wood cabins near the lake when they are not leading a cabin. All staff are required to have First-Aid and CPR (a course may be provided during the staff training week, depending on need).

$ 345/week, room and board included
$ 45/week for each week spent as a Cabin Leader

To apply for an Instructor position at KEEC, send resume and cover letter to:

Tim Tadlock
950 West Shore Road
Salisbury, VT 05769

[email protected]