KEEC Mission

Our Philosphy


Our Objectives

Our educational values are rooted in the concept of community, drawing from the natural world in which we live and study. We offer hands-on, experiential learning through a variety of teaching styles in a variety of natural habitats that serve as our outdoor classroom. Our goal for students is to gain a better understanding of their role in communities, both human and non-human. Students will do this through a discovery approach using all five senses and exploring with mind and body. It is our belief that with a better understanding of the natural world, students will begin to make personal and daily decisions according to those practices that will benefit all communities, not just the human community.  

~ gain a better understanding of communities, both human and non-human
~ improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills
~ expand their awareness of how their actions affect the world around them
~ develop a heightened sense of responsibility toward all communities
~ have a safe, fun week outdoors

We will accomplish these objectives through a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching by addressing a variety of learning styles. We strive to accentuate, expand and utilize skills and concepts taught in the school classroom.