Keewaydin has a rich variety of activities, taught by a well trained staff.  Campers get to have fun in the activities of their choice, whether it is learning a  new skill or becoming expert in one or more of them. We believe that it is important for boys to pursue their own interests at camp. At the same time, we guide and encourage the campers to plan their summer and to set goals.

At the heart of our philosophy towards activities is the Coup System and the idea of "planned freedom." A coup is a sticker that a camper earns when he has reached a certain level of proficiency in an activity. It is possible to earn several coups in any activity. If a camper earns a certain number of coups in a variety of different activities, he wins a "Coup K," a special felt "K" with the Keewaydin moose emblem on it. When a boy earns a coup, it is placed next to his name on a board (the "coup board"), which has on it the names of all the boys in the wigwam.

The purpose of the coup system is two-fold. First, it encourages a camper to plan his summer so that he gets a well-rounded experience: in order to earn the Coup K, a camper has to participate in many activities, many of which are new to him. Second, it provides a challenge to a camper: earning a coup represents commitment and mastery of skills and knowledge.  We believe that the "coup system" and the philosophy of planned freedom not only provide a healthy challenge for boys, but also help them become more responsible, self-confident and independent.

While competition is not emphasized, various ways to compete are offered which  further enhance the desire for instruction, self-improvement and building of self- esteem. Most importantly, participation is a key part of our philosophy on activities encouraging both skill building and exploration of all programs offered.  Activities are organized to have a balance of learning and fun!

Water Sports


Keewaydin's canoeing expertise is unequaled. The camp owns more than 100 canoes, one of the largest fleets in North America! Passing the tip-over test and 150 yard swim lets you use boats and canoes. Instruction on proper paddling is offered before extended canoe trips.


Kayaking has become one of Keewaydin's most popular activities. After mastering canoeing skills, campers from all wigwams are allowed to kayak under the instruction of our experienced staff. Once properly trained, the older age groups, Wiantinaug and Moosalamoo, paddle in the whitewater of local rivers on day trips and take overnight trips which include whitewater.


Keewaydin offers instruction so that all boys become strong swimmers, able to swim distances and be safe in case of a tipover. Campers earn Red Cross swimming patches, learn to dive and snorkel, and learn water rescue. Mostly, the campers have fun in the water with many opportunities for free swims (including morning dips before breakfast!)


Steady breezes on Lake Dunmore provide for excellent sailing. Campers are taught to rig, crew and captain fiberglass Capris and Sunfish sailboats.


This activity is offered to the oldest campers who have learned the fundamentals of sailing.


Part paddling, part surfing, paddleboarding has quickly become one of Keewaydin's most popular activities. Campers are taught how to balance and paddle the board while exploring Lake Dunmore.

Land Sports


Plenty of baseball action here! There is a team for every boy who wants to play and plenty of playing time.


Campers can concentrate on skills with experienced staff, play in organized games, or just kick the ball around on the fields.


Keewaydin has four clay courts. Expert one-on-one or very small group instruction is available, along with Sunday camper-staff doubles and plenty of free-time play.


Every wigwam has its own hoop and a new lighted court is shared by all wigwams.

Ultimate Frisbee

This new sport has become very popular at camp and many boys chose to play during activity periods.


Always a favorite. Our range offers all boys the chance to improve marksmanship and earn certificates.


Boys are taught the safe use of a .22 rifle at our range by experienced staff.


Keewaydin offers a chance to learn the basics or refine skills. Many staff have high school and college wrestling experience.

Disc Golf

Also known as frisbee golf, campers enjoy an 18-hole course on Mt. Moosalamoo. Staff help campers to master the precision and accuracy required to sink the disk in as few throws as possible. 

Other Activities


A deep concern for the environment is a way of life at Keewaydin. Being aware of our fellow animals, and of plants, creates many opportunities for outdoor adventure, and investigating our place in the natural world.

Rock Climbing

Experienced, trained staff teach campers the fundamentals on our state-of-the art climbing facility and lead trips on the nearby climbing rocks on Mt. Moosalamoo.


Costumes, makeup, lighting, scenery and scripts by campers and staff are all part of Keewaydin's Little Theater, housed in a new open-air building. On Friday nights, we put on an all-camp show called The Friday Frolics!

Arts and Crafts

Each boy has the opportunity to design his own projects, in woodworking, ceramics, and jewelry, among others.


There are 26 Keewaydin hiking trails on Mt. Moosalamoo. Exploring lookouts, caves, and swimming holes is an everyday activity option. Our trails also connect to the U.S. Forest Service's extensive network of nearby trails. Day hikes are a favorite.

Evening Activities

Every evening, there is an organized activity for each wigwam or the entire camp. These include:

  • Campfires with games, stories and songs
  • Capture the Flag
  • The Friday Frolics--A variety show of skits performed by campers and staff
  • Navy Seals
  • “Find the Staffman"
  • Board Game nights
  • Tent or cabin nights
  • Star gazing