Clothing & Equipment

Keewaydin does not require a camp uniform. Rugged outdoor clothes are the general rule. Typically the boys like to wear Keewaydin logo clothing and the camp store offers a variety of Keewaydin tee shirts, fleeces, vests and sweats. A limited selection of items may be purchased from the web store. Click here for a complete list of required and recommended clothing and equipment.

Personal camping equipment such as sleeping bags, sleeping pads, water proof bags and personal water bottles must be brought by each camper. Tents, backpacks, ground cloths, and cooking equipment are provided by the camp. Clothing required for trips is suggested here.

It has long been a tradition to maintain a place for the campers that is simple, rustic and close to nature. We strive to create an atmosphere that allows campers and staff to “unplug” from the modern world where we are constantly bombarded by electronic and media messages. Consequently, the following devices are not permitted at camp: cell phones, iPhones, iPads, computers, Blackberries and other such devices, personal wireless internet devices, electronic games, video games, TVs or other video viewing devices, video cameras and any other technology in the same categories as those mentioned above. Cameras are permitted.