Our Philosophy

Keewaydin’s goal is an unforgettable summer experience for campers through adventurous canoe trips. We believe all campers should be given the opportunity to learn about their own abilities as an individual and their place in the environment as it relates to fellow humans and to nature. Traveling in the pristine wilderness of Ontario and Quebec, groups (“sections”) of six to eight campers become a team, where each member is essential to the group’s success. Through teamwork, a section grows into a cohesive unit, setting and achieving goals together, rather than surviving solely on the strengths of individuals. Staff seek to build a positive group dynamic from which members gain a real sense of self-confidence, strength, leadership, and self reliance. Our motto “Help the Other Fellow,” adopted in the early years of the camp’s existence, embodies this focus on the group.

Staff teach campers the skills required to be successful members of their section.  From starting fires, and preparing meals from scratch, to learning the paddle strokes necessary to navigate lakes and rivers, campers work toward mastery of all the requisite wilderness skills. By achieving the mastery of new skills, campers return year after year to help continue and eventually pass on the camp's traditions to future generations.

In order to achieve the goals mentioned above, staff strive to help each camper learn:

  1. Respect of oneself, others, and the environment
  2. To improve and master canoeing skills
  3. To camp for extended periods of time in a wilderness environment
  4. Decision making for and with the group (vital to the success of the section)
  5. Cooking and food preparation skills promoting self-sufficiency on trip and at home
  6. Navigation skills
  7. To care for and respect equipment
  8. To recognize the accomplishments that occur over the course of the summer camp season

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