Our Philosophy

We offer unforgettable adventurous canoe trips for girls in the pristine wilderness of the Canadian North.  With the support of our experienced female staff, girls face challenges in their own way in an outdoor setting.  This all girl environment gives girls a chance to be fully themselves, take positive risks, and learn invaluable leadership skills.  Most importantly, girls will have a fun time filled with laughter and friendship while reaching the following goals:

1.  For girls to feel safe, accepted and have a sense of belonging to the camp community.  

2.  For girls to take positive risks and to challenge themselves.

3.  To foster positive gender identity.

4.  To encourage healthy relationships and understand the importance of “sisterhood.” 

5.  To develop and/or strengthen girls’ love for physical activity and the outdoors.

6.   To bolster girl’s physical and emotional resiliency.

7.  To gain competence in wilderness canoe travel.

We know girls are different than boys and travel through the wilderness and react to the challenges in their own ways.   By recognizing these differences we can focus on and achieve the above listed goals.  So, while both of our programs take rigorous wilderness canoe trips, the path they take varies and we embrace that.

Foster – Develop – Promote – Safe – Belonging  – Challenge – Support – Growth – Communicate – Strength – Positivity – Wilderness – Determination – Sisterhood – Friendship – Health - Independence


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