About Songa

Welcome to the unique place that is Songadeewin. We're delighted that you are interested in going to summer camp and pleased that you've decided to have a look at our camp which we affectionately call: "Songa."

Songa is a place where girls have a great time, learn new skills, achieve independence, and make wonderful friends at a beautiful campsite on Lake Dunmore in Vermont. It is different from any other place you're likely to have been before. At Songadeewin we work to create a special community for girls where you can learn to become "a tall, strong, Songa woman."

One of our former, five-year campers recently wrote about Songa in her college essay. Here's what she had to say:

"My special place is where meals are still served family style, where the camp is not specialized, where technology has not taken over, and traditions are [adhered] to above everything else. The experiences I've had at Songadeewin will remain with me forever. It was my place where I could act like a girl but learn how to become a woman. Up at camp you are there to discover who you are and have miles of open water to do just that."


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