A Songa Day

The Songadeewin day combines the structure of two instructional periods with unstructured free time. The Songa day is a contrast from the pressured days of the school year filled with classes, homework and lessons.

Each morning the whole camp gathers after breakfast at our large Council Fire Ring where we sing, and make announcements. The morning’s activities are presented and then girls chose the ones they would like to do. Campers and staff then return to their cabins and tents for clean up and inspection. Everyone gets her area cleaned up and then heads to flag raising and on to their chosen activities. After activity period there is time for a swim, or free time, before lunch. Free time can include playing tetherball, practicing a skit for our weekly show, playing tennis, taking a shower, spending time at the picnic tables in the center of a Longhouse, and playing with friends.

Lunch is at 12:30 which is followed by rest hour and then there are afternoon circles for choosing activities. The circles are grouped by age. After the afternoon activity period there is snack and another period of free time. There are several special activities offered in the afternoon free time: Boats Out, when girls can practice their paddling or sailing skills; Open Studio, for working on arts and crafts projects; and our popular Running Club, when girls can run a half-mile circuit around campus one or more times.

After supper we do a variety of evening activities. By far the favorite is our weekly show called the Saturday Spectacular. Each week we also have an all-camp campfire. Some nights we might have “Cabin Night” with activities done as a small group, other nights might be a time when a Longhouse (a grouping of cabins or the tents by age group) plays a game or has its own campfire. We sometimes play an outdoor game with everyone at camp – the favorite game is a version of flashlight tag we call “Navy Seals.”