Special Events

The summer routine is punctuated by special events and ceremonies. In July we celebrate Valentine’s Day and Halloween comes in August! In July we also have a Carnival. Campers take the lead on these and manage and create games and activities as well as participate in them. The Songathon, in the last week of the second month, is a relay race that includes everything we do at camp – from canoeing to archery, to tennis and tent pitching. Once each month we bring our sleeping bags out to the lawn and have “Movie Under the Stars” which is just what it sounds like – a chance to watch a movie on the big screen with all your camp friends. Campers and staff who have achieved their fourth year at camp are recognized on Old Timers’ Day which is celebrated each month. Experience brings responsibility to the community and these veterans contribute a new camp song and complete a service project as part of their summer experience and are recognized in a unique campfire ceremony. Our monthly Candlelight Ceremony is a time to reflect on the lessons, values and learnings of the summer.