Tripping is central to Songadeewin. We believe that girls benefit from the first-hand encounter with nature and learn significant lessons from working and traveling together in a small, cohesive group. Each month a girl is at camp she gets to go on a canoeing or hiking trip. Our youngest campers go on four-day trips to areas close to camp. As girls grow older they will go on longer trips that travel further from our base camp in Vermont. Our oldest campers, those who’ve finished the 9th grade, go on the Senior Trip to Canada. This is a special honor and the trip is 16 days.

Trips are a big challenge…and lots of fun! In fact when asked for their favorite memories of the summer or what they feel most proud of accomplishing a majority of our campers will recall something that happened on their trip. The progressive nature of the program means many girls are eager to return each summer to go on their next trip and experience the challenges and new experiences they’ve heard about from the older campers.

Here’s what some of our older campers have to say about tripping:

"As you get older on trips you learn to cook your own food.  It gets hard and you think you can't do it.  Then you realize you can."

“At the end of the trip I felt that I had really done something. All of the mountains we had summated; I really accomplished something.”

“It wasn’t the ‘roughing it’ of this trip that proves its worthiness but the atmosphere. We were competing with no one, we shared a common goal.”