Songadeewin Parents

This parent section contains details for parents and prospective parents. An informed and knowledgeable family is part of the team needed to provide campers with the best possible experience. All the information in this section is listed as tabs in the column to the left. Please scroll through and you will find answers to many basic questions. Also accessible from these pages are links to various forms and information sheets which must be on file before your camper arrives on campus. Staff review this information carefully to better know the campers before camp starts.

If you are thinking about a Songadeewin summer for your daughter this section will provide plenty of information, but is not intended as a replacement for a conversation with the camp director, Ellen Flight.  Ellen can provide details about Songadeewin's programs and, after a discussion about your child, how a summer on Lake Dunmore would mesh with your daughter’s interests. Ellen can also give little details like the right socks for hiking trips and the best clothing for canoe trips. So, please read through the information provided in this section, and then call the camp office at 802-352-9860.