Clothing & Equipment

Songadeewin does not require a camp uniform. We ask that campers bring rugged casual clothes that are appropriate for outdoor activities. It is important that girls do not bring clothes that prevent them from participating fully in our program, or that inhibit them from taking part in “woodsy” camp activities. Bathing suits should be comfortable for active water sports; they should provide enough coverage to facilitate easy arm and leg movement. We ask that girls leave make-up, nail polish, hairdryers, dresses, skirts, and designer clothes at home. At Songadeewin, we want girls to be concerned with the strength of their character, not the look of their clothes.

Our camp store offers a variety of Songadeewin clothing (such as tee shirts, sweatshirts and hats) as well as basic tripping equipment (such as flashlights, river bags and water bottles). A complete clothing list can be accessed here, and for a special list of the most important clothes for tripping click here.

Laundry is done weekly at the camp at no extra charge.